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Clarendon Ballroom - Arlington, VA

An intimate event for 100 people at the Clarendon Ballroom in Arlington, Virginia.


From Sara: As soon as Mai-Lan said she was wearing a red dress, I knew I was in!

Working with the couple was a blast and they had very specific ideas about how the reception should look and feel.  It was really a great reflection of them.


Mai-Lan and Bill wanted their wedding to be a fun party, that represented everything they loved – family, friends and music. From the 1500 paper cranes hanging from the ceiling to the movie quotes featured throughout the reception, no detail was overlooked. The sweet finale – the bride jumped on stage to sing with the groom and his band. 


One word – Amazing!


From Mai-Lan & Bill: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your sage advice and of keeping us (me) calm and laser focused these past months! We couldn’t have done it with without you. Your energy and enthusiasm has been fantastic to be around and is a total inspiration!



Photography by: Nat Wongsaroj Photography

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